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Horse Pannier Buyer's Guide

      High Country Supply carries three styles of panniers.


Weekender: Panniers that fit over the western riding saddle.

Moderate Use: Panniers that fit a western riding saddle, sawbuck, or decker pack saddle.  These pack systems have a H-top pack for additional storeage.

Outfitter: Soft or hard sided panniers that fit sawbuck or decker pack saddles.



  • These are a quick and inexpensive way to see if you are going to like packing.
  • Loads are secured without the use of fancy knots.
  • Saddle panniers are designed specifically for use with a western riding saddle. 
  • Saddle panniers can be rolled up and tied to the cantel of a western saddle for ride in and pack out trips.
  • Weekend camping and fishing trips can be packed in and out with the saddle panniers, so the saddle horses can be used for trail riding during the stay.
  • Saddle panniers had rings on the bottom to tie a belly strap and keep them from bouncing.


  • Our moderate use pack systems can be used with a western saddle, sawbuck, or decker packsaddle. 
  • Loads are secured without the use of fancy knots.
  • If you choose to expand and get a pack saddle, these panniers will fit.
  • H pack panniers ride on top of the pack system.
  • Panniers are designed primarily for packing clothing, and other lightweight bulky items.
  • H packs are low profile with compression straps, so they don't easily rock loose.


  • Panniers designed for sawbuck or decker pack saddles
  • Loads are secured without the use of fancy knots.  Pannier straps wrap around decker arches or saw buck crutches.  On deckers, you can put straps through hook slots and use pannier hooks for easier loading and off loading.
  • Canvas and Leather panniers have a wooden dowel at the top to keep the pannier shape and for the pannier straps to wrap around.  Going down the trail, pack animal can rub against trees, rocks, and brush.  Making them worth the investment, the canvas end panniers endure the rigors of the trail better than the plain canvas or nylon bags. 
  • Pack Slings are ideal for packing in coolers, feed, and fencing material.
  • Hard panniers made of hard resin polyethylene and protect the packing items much better than soft panniers. Hard panniers are varmint proof and are great for storing food and kitchen items.  In certain national forests, bear-proof panniers are mandatory.
  • Hard panniers carrying capacity is slightly less than soft panniers.
  • Top pack and H Pack panniers ride well on hard panniers lids because of their even surface.


  • Insert liners fit inside any of our soft-sided panniers.
  • Inserts allow you to pack items better, provides protection to pack items and retains the shape of the pannier.
  • Made of a poly material.


  • I use pack scales to ensure each pannier bag is within 1-2 lbs of the other to prevent the pack saddle from becoming unbalanced and shifting.


  • It is difficult to overload a pack animal using panniers because of the limited volume in most panniers. Unless you are packing alfalfa pellets or grain.
  • I prefer larger panniers to ensure sufficient volume/space for my packing requirements.
  • Normally the width of panniers determines the difference between carrying capacity of different panniers. Most panniers have similar length and width but vary greatly in depth.


CANVAS: Naturally water resistant and durable. The classic pannier material. Drawback is that blood stains canvas easily. Leather end canvas panniers is recommended.

CORDURA: Tougher and more durable than canvas but not as strong as Iron Cloth or Kevlar Tough. Courdura comes in many grades and quality varies tremendously. Ballistic courdura is a much higher quality than normal cordura. Cleans easily to prevent staining.

POLY-PLASTIC: Hard panniers that provide added protection for breakable items.


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